What is the difference between a garden studio and a conservatory?

The critical difference between a garden studio and a conservatory is where they are located and the materials used to construct them. Garden studios Surrey are separate buildings that are not attached to the property but rather installed in the garden area. Typically constructed using timber, these spaces can be used for various purposes such as extra bedrooms or home offices. On the contrary, conservatories are built onto the side of properties, typically made with large windows and a glass roof to let in plenty of natural light.

However, this does not mean that all garden rooms cannot also have windows - you may invest in a large windowed structure that could bear some similarities to conservatories. Ultimately, the deciding factor should be personal preference and what you hope to get out of your chosen property addition. Conservatories can be great for creating an extension onto your house without too much trouble, while garden rooms can be slightly more versatile when it comes to creating different kinds of living spaces.

Why choose Owl Garden Studios?

Our bespoke design and build service is the perfect solution if you are looking to make a statement in your garden, house or outdoor space. Our highly experienced team of designers create stunning garden rooms that will wow your friends and family with innovative designs and ideas, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Not only can you be sure of integral style and visual impact, but we also pay attention to all the details that will ensure your finished room is perfect for your needs.

From bars to balconies, poolhouses to cabanas, no dream is too ambitious for our experienced craftsmen who will work with you closely - listening to your wishes and turning them into a reality. With us right by your side, you can trust that you won't just have any outdoor space; it will be one of a kind customised around your exact requirements; the best bar on the block! We strive for unwavering excellence in design and execution to give every client an experience they can be proud of. A project's success comes down not only to its unique features but also how calm and stress-free it has been spoken into life so whatever vision you have allow us to put our craftsmanship into practice for an end product which surpasses standards!

Reimagine the Way You Live

A garden studio Surrey or a summer house in your own backyard is a perfect way to bring a little extra space and style to your home without having to move. It's the ideal solution for those who need more room but don't want to move away from their current neighbours; it offers an additional room or living space when needed, the freedom of connecting with nature, and all at a fraction of the cost compared with relocating or renovating.

Our luxury garden rooms are designed by certified architects and are tailored to your individual needs. Practical yet stylishly designed buildings give you an inspirational environment in which you could enjoy spending time with family, create a tranquil workspace, practice yoga or even indulge in a spot of evening entertaining (if desired). Whatever you choose, we strive to offer you the best quality custom-made products that blend seamlessly into your outdoor space while providing excellent value for money, making it possible for everyone to transform their gardens into their own personal paradise.