What can I get in a Garden Studio in Surrey?

Bespoke Design

Our bespoke design and build service offers endless possibilities; explore unique features like hidden storage or multi-functional areas to make the most out of your new outdoor oasis. We also know how important it is to reflect not only the style you want but also ensure the garden rooms are designed with careful consideration of your available space as well as climatic conditions. So why settle for standard when there is so much potential in creating something completely tailored to you? Our dedicated team provides exceptional craftsmanship throughout every step of our process from planning right through to completion ensuring superlative customer experience all around.

Creating a statement space with bespoke design and build services is the perfect way to turn your garden into the envy of all who pass by. Whether you want to use it for entertaining guests or create a relaxing outdoor sanctuary, having an exquisitely designed and built garden room makes it stand out from the crowd. With our bespoke design and build service, you'll be able to create a bar that's second to none in your neighbourhood. Our garden rooms are known for their stylish design touches, unique visual impact and functional details that will make using this space an experience like no other. Have some fun picking out colours, patterns and materials to truly personalise your outdoor space or opt for one of our established blueprints that have already proven popular with our customers. Whatever direction you decide to go with, love every moment spent in your new tailored retreat!

Choose your purpose

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to how you can design and build your own personalized garden studio. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the final product is exactly what you had in mind and fulfils all of your needs and requirements. One of the most popular uses for garden studios is as a home gym, where you can enjoy the privacy of having your own dedicated space and full control over opening hours, music selection and other details. With all the necessary gym equipment provided, no more waiting around for people to finish their set or leaving their sweat all over the machines- everything will be set up just according to your specific preferences.

Another popular option that lots of people choose for their garden studio is a home office; with this setup, you'll be able to separate your work life from your home life in order to become more productive with whatever craft you're pursuing. You can customize the office according to all of your specific requirements so that it's an ideal escape from everyday stressors. Whether you need plenty of desk space or want a different kind of relaxation area like a mini Zen garden included, we make sure that each unique setup is tailored perfectly for its owner.